DSC_8811.jpgOur Office Manager who will handle all of your billing needs. She has been on staff for the past 23 years, is expertly trained, and believe it or not she lives and breathes insurance! If you have a billing question, she can answer it!

"I was born into chiropractic, my father was a chiropractor and I have been under Chiropractic Care my entire life.

I have seen so many amazing things happen through Chiropractic-especially with my children.

People may not realize it but the birth process  may be one of the most traumatic events in our lives!

Even so-called "natural" birthing methods can stress a still developing spine. The resulting irritation to the nervous system can be the cause of many newborn health complaints.

Colic, unexplained crying, poor appetite, breathing problems,  ear infections and even allergic reactions can often times be traced back to the nervous system dysfunction.

The chiropractic adjusting techniques are modified to fit the child's size, weight and unique spinal problem.

My children are adjusted regularly and they are healthier than others of their same age.

Think about it, generations of parents have made decisions regarding health care for themselves and their families based on their current perceptions of TRUTH.  What is Health? Health has little to do with how you feel, your temperature or whether symptoms are present. Those who have had heart attacks, cancer or other health problems suffer ill health long before their first symptom. We encourage you to review literature and understand HOW the body works and you will see the amazing capability of our body's ability to heal itself, when the nervous system is functioning free of interference.


100_3235.JPGOur licensed therapeutic massage therapist and has been on staff for over 8 years. Although relaxation massage is available, she specializes in therapeutic deep tissue massage and concurrently treats a great number of injury related conditions.

I think a lot of people do not truly understand the benefits of massage.

Inflamed muscles and connective tissues suffer poor circulation and can develop glue-like myofascial adhesions, which prevent muscles from lengthening completely.

Painful trigger points can also develop and often referring pain or tingling to other areas in the body is seen.

Addressing the soft tissue problems is an important to chiropractic care because muscles move joints while ligaments and fascia support them.

If a subluxation is adjusted without addressing related soft tissue problems you may still experience pain in addition to the fact that tight muscles and shortened fascia can pull your joint out of alignment.

Muscles automatically contract around any painful site to support and protect the area and massage therapy increases circulation which reduces painful swelling and inflammation and promotes healing by removing waste products and bringing nutrients to the tissues.

I can not emphasize enough, the importance of water! Although you should drink half your body weight in ounces of pure water… every day, it is especially important the day of your massage. Massage breaks up lactic acid buildup in the muscles and is released into the body. Depending on the level of toxicity released, if you do not utilize the flushing action of water to eliminate the toxin, it can actually make you ill. So please remember to drink water - and on your way out, you will receive a bottle to ensure maximum benefit.

Massage Policy

When you schedule for an appointment, arrive on time. We request that you do not wear cologne or perfume on the day of your massage appointment. This is to protect patients that are allergic and to allow aromatherapy to be most effective. Ensure proper hygiene. Please be sure you have showered within a reasonable amount of time prior to your appointment. Should you need to re-schedule an appointment, please allow a 24 hour advance notification. Please remember that massage is time sensitive and if  you are not able to be present, another patient could likely benefit from this care and would need adequate notification time as well.

If you miss an appointment without notification, a missed appointment fee of $75.00 will be imposed.

If you have been sick recently (i.e. cough, flu, phlegm, fever, sore throat, sinus infection, etc.) please understand that you must be fully recovered to schedule for this type of service. If you are on antibiotics, you must have completed the recommended dose before scheduling as a courtesy and precautionary measure for other patients.


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